Warranty Services

ServRight is the warranty provider for many leading manufacturers across a wide spectrum of products. Avoid unexpected, prolonged downtime with post-warranty coverage that can help you continually support your customers, generate revenue and provide critical business information.

  • Designed to help protect your hardware investment
  • A variety of options with service response and duration times designed to fit your business needs

Warranty Uplift Agreements

ServRight can uplift the manufacturer’s return to factory or AUR warranty to on-site service during the warranty period, if applicable to the product. This offers a customer the opportunity to shorten the repair cycle during warranty, with next business day on-site service provided as part of the warranty uplift.

Extended Warranty Agreements

ServRight can extend the manufacturer’s warranty period for a full year or even for multiple years.

Onsite Warranty Upgrade - Options Include:

  • Onsite Repair (includes Parts, Labor and Travel)
  • One Rate "Everything out the Door" Coverage
  • Various Coverage Options (onsite next business day, same day, 24/7)
  • Multi-year Contracts and Discount Programs Available
  • Automatic Warranty Registration
  • Available During Warranty and Beyond
  • Exclusive 24/7 Assistance by ServRight’s Certified Experts